3 Residential Roof Repair Issues That Cannot Wait Until A Later Date

Roof leaks are one of the most common repair issues homeowners encounter. Sometimes leaks are not obvious, but they can cause extensive water damage. Many roofers suggest routine maintenance to reduce the chances of leaks not being detected. This routine service involves inspecting roofing materials for damage. It is a viable way to ensure that residential roof repair issues do not get advanced. Inspections may also be recommended after severe weather events. This is because the events can cause roof damage such as punctured, loose, or blown-off shingles. The following points highlight a few things that can cause roof leaks. 

Clogged Gutters

Some individuals detest the labor involved in cleaning their gutters. They also neglect to hire roofing specialists to clean them. Neglected gutters will eventually get clogged. This can lead to drainage issues. The water may back up into roofing materials and cause moisture issues. Advanced damage may include rotting shingles or the fascia of a roof. The weakened shingles may lift and allow moisture intrusion, which will eventually lead to water intrusion if the residential roof repair is not made. Damaged fascia cannot perform its job of protecting a roof from water. 

Damaged Shingles

There are several things other than weather events that can cause damage to shingles. They have an estimated lifespan, and as they age, deterioration is normal. Homeowners may be able to tell that they have damaged shingles by observing the ground around their homes after it rains. Shingles are covered in granules, which provide protection against moisture intrusion and leaks. If they are damaged or aged, the granules will wash away and end up on the ground around the perimeter of a home. It may be a few shingles, or it may be a sign that aging materials are not providing adequate protection. Homeowners would need to start planning for a new residential roof installation rather than a repair. A few damaged shingles can be removed and replaced with a partial roof replacement. 

Missing Shingles

This issue should be treated as an emergency residential roof repair. Missing shingles are a sign that a roof cannot provide protection against leaks. If the repairs are not made in a timely manner, it can lead to mildew or mold issues that can extend beyond the roof area and negatively impact attics and ceilings. 

A roofer is a good resource to use to understand more about residential roof repairs and how neglected repair issues can lead to leaks. They can also perform residential roof installations if roofing materials are significantly damaged. There are a variety of advanced techniques they can use such as infrared technology to detect hidden leaks or moisture issues.

For more information, reach out to a local roofing service, such as Crossover Roofing.

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