Commercial Roofing Services: 4 Unique Rooftop Terrace Designs You Should Consider

A rooftop terrace is a beautiful way to extend your living space and add a touch of luxury to your commercial property. It can create an additional outdoor living space, ideal for hosting parties, additional workspace, and enjoying breaks and meals. A commercial roofing contractor can offer unique designs to transform your terrace into a special area. Here are four unique rooftop terrace designs you should consider for your commercial building:

Traditional Balcony

A traditional balcony on your flat roof is a classic option that can provide your terrace with an instantly luxurious feel. A professional can install a railing along the edge of your terrace, making it safe and secure. The railing and large windows can make it feel like you are on a ship while also providing extra protection from the wind and rain. You can choose from various materials, such as wood, metal, and stone, to find a great aesthetic appearance. You can also add some potted plants or hanging baskets for a touch of greenery.

Open Plan Design

An open-plan terrace is ideal for those looking for a light and airy feel. With no wall or railing, the terrace can appear larger and more spacious. A credible contractor can use glass panels to create a seamlessly connected feel between the indoors and outdoors. They can also install a lightweight material like PVC to create the ideal shelter against wind and rain. If your property is in a heavily wooded area with lots of trees, you may opt for a more robust material.

Zen Garden

A zen garden is a great way to add a touch of tranquility to your terrace. A professional can create a raised bed using wood or stone filled with sand and gravel. They can also install a water feature and use stones to create a winding path that meanders throughout the space. Bamboo plants, lanterns, and lights can create a peaceful atmosphere and provide a great spot for meditation and contemplation.

Country Chic Design

A country chic terrace design is ideal for those looking for a more rustic feel, as it can add warmth and comfort to the space. You can install wood panels along one wall to create a warm, inviting atmosphere and add some rattan furniture, wicker chairs, and colorful cushions to create a cozy sitting area. If the terrace is large enough, you can add a gravel walkway surrounded by shrubbery and greenery, providing a pleasant path for walking.

No matter your preference, a roofing installation contractor can create a unique rooftop terrace design that suits your needs and budget. From traditional balconies to zen gardens, each design can provide the ideal outdoor living space. With professional help, you can transform your terrace into a special area and enjoy it for years. 

For more information about commercial roofing, contact a local company. 

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