Leak Repairs For Metal Roofing Materials

Metal roofing materials expand and contract when temperatures fluctuate. Expansions and contractions could ultimately lead to a rooftop leak. A qualified roofer may use a sealant, a tape product, or an elastomeric coating to repair metal materials.

Metal Roofing Properties

Metal roofing properties may influence the severity of a leak. Roofing materials that were never coated with a protective sealant are more susceptible to leaks than untreated metal roofing materials. The thickness of a metal roofing material and the type of hardware that was used to install a roof could also influence how much damage will eventually be caused.

A roofing contractor will inspect the rooftop and assess the quality of the roofing materials. This process will help the contractor determine which type of repair process will be best suited for the rooftop.

Sealants And Tape

Sealants and tape are used to prevent leaks in confined areas. If the metal roof contains quality materials, a roofing contractor may recommend the use of a sealant or tape to address targeted issues. For instance, if the hardware that was used to secure metal shingles is inferior, but the shingles themselves are in excellent shape, the contractor may use a sealant to cover each nail head.

Sealants that are used to coat metal products are waterproof. They are also designed to match the color of metal roofing materials. Roofing tape has similar properties to a sealant. It can be used to stop leaks along flashing or the edge of a roof.

Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric coatings are made up of acrylic or silicone components. A coating is a liquid product that is designed to be applied to all of the materials that comprise a rooftop. A coating is effective at stopping leaks and preventing further damage to a rooftop. A coating is resistant to UV rays. This type of product will help keep the interior of a home at a comfortable temperature.

If a contractor has discovered considerable damage to your rooftop, they will likely recommend that a coating is applied to the metal materials. A coating will form a bond with the metal that comprises the rooftop.

Before a coating is applied, a roofing contractor will need to clean all of the metal materials that make up the roof. Once the roof is clean and dry, an elastomeric coating product will be prepared. The product will be rolled along the rooftop. One or two coats of the product will provide sufficient protection. 

For more info about metal roof installation, contact a local company. 

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