2 Issues That Require Immediate Roofing Services

There are a variety of things that can negatively impact a roof. These things can lead to roofing materials not lasting through their estimated life span. They can also pose a threat to the interior of homes. One of the most important roofing services that homeowners can get is preventative maintenance. This involves routine roof inspections and making repairs if any issues are detected. Unfortunately, many homeowners forego maintenance assuming they do not need it if there are not any obvious signs that repairs are needed. This can leave minor issues undetected and lead to more widespread and complex repairs to salvage a roof. It will also likely lead to premature roof replacement. The following points identify roofing problems that require immediate attention to preserve the integrity of a home. 

Missing or Damaged Shingles

If shingles are not intact, they can lead to roofing materials being compromised by water and moisture from the elements. Homeowners should look for signs of missing shingles after inclement weather events involving high winds. Shingles have class ratings that determine how many mph of wind they can withstand. Sometimes shingles may not blow off, but the wind may cause them to loosen, which may also promote moisture intrusion.

It is a good idea to get an inspection performed after inclement weather to ensure that hidden damages are not present. It is possible for small punctures to damage shingles. This can happen if hail is involved or if limbs and branches fall on a roof. One telltale sign of damaged shingles being present is granules from shingles on the ground after it rains. The granules offer protection against leaks and should be viewed as a sign that roofing repairs are needed.

Roof Leaks

There is an increased risk of roof leaks when shingles are not intact. These leaks may go undetected for a while and only be obvious in attics. Eventually, homeowners may see signs of roof leaks on their walls and ceilings. The water may appear as brown spots when it dries. At this point, the property may have other serious issues present, such as mold growth, that may spread beyond the roof and attic. 

A roofing business is a good resource to use to determine if a roof has hidden damages. They can explain the importance of preventative maintenance and give property owners an idea of how long they can expect their roofs to last. This is beneficial because it can help with planning for the costs associated with roof replacements.

Contact a local roofing service to learn more. 

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