Common Roof Damage You Should Never Ignore

The roof of your house should always be in the best condition possible. Because of its role in shielding the home from external conditions such as rain, intense sun rays, dust, etc., it is vulnerable to constant damage. Some types of damage may need repairs, while others may call for total replacement. Regardless of the issue, you must understand how best to fix it to restore the roof's optimal performance. Read more below to understand common roof problems you should never ignore.


Roof blisters are common problems you may experience with your roof. Generally, they occur when air is trapped between the layers of your roof. The trapped air pockets then expand when it's hot outside, forming blisters in the affected sections. If you notice blisters on your roof, get a roofer to fix them quickly. Ignoring them gives them time to spread and grow, which can damage your roof because they could rupture and cause leaks.


Roof punctures are other roof issues that you should be keen to notice. At times, heavy rains and strong winds can cause tree branches and debris to fall on your roof, puncturing it. In addition, punctures may result from excess foot traffic on your roof, usually from chimney repair experts, HVAC installation experts, painters, and others. Similarly, punctures should be fixed immediately. That is because, eventually, they will cause leaks and other related issues like damaged ceilings and wood rot. 

Missing Shingles

Roof shingles can begin to loosen over time because of harsh weather conditions. Consequently, strong winds, storms, or flying debris may dislodge the shingles. Missing shingles can lead to serious leaks in your house. Therefore, take time to identify any loose and missing shingles and repair or replace them.


Corroded roofs and roof materials are significant problems that require immediate attention. For instance, the roof flashing is a critical component that keeps water away from your skylights, chimney, joints, etc. If it's corroded, it will deteriorate over time, reducing its ability to do this. Consequently, you may end up with leaks and other issues.  

Besides these issues, it's important to identify other indicators of a failing roof and fix them to avoid serious and costly roof damage. Some common signs to look out for include water stains on your walls and ceiling, pests such as raccoons and rodents in the attic, and mold on the exterior of your walls.

Reach out to a roofing company near you to learn more.

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