Seven Things You Shouldn't Assume About Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Asphalt shingles are an ideal roofing choice for many homeowners. Homeowners need accurate information about asphalt shingles to choose the best possible roofing material for their homes. Unfortunately, some consumers are misinformed about asphalt shingles.

The following are seven things that homeowners shouldn't assume when it comes to asphalt shingle roofs.  

Asphalt shingle roofs are not particularly durable.

Some consumers assume that shingle roofs are not durable because they think that shingles can easily come loose due to high winds. However, a well-built shingle roof is actually durable and resistant to damage from extreme weather. 

While an asphalt shingle roof may need periodic maintenance like hardware or shingle replacement, that doesn't mean that a shingle roof on your home can't last a long time and be resistant to damage through the years. 

The installation procedure for asphalt shingle roofs is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Some people think that asphalt shingle roofs take a long time to install since they consist of many shingles that need to be attached. However, a professional roofing contractor can get an asphalt shingle roof installed in as little as a day in many cases. 

Asphalt shingles contain asbestos.

It's true that asphalt shingles sometimes contained asbestos in the past. However, this is no longer the case. Modern asphalt shingles are not made with any asbestos, so you don't have to worry that you'll be exposed to this potentially harmful chemical in your home if you choose an asphalt shingle roof. 

All asphalt shingles are the same.

You will have numerous options to choose from when you have an asphalt shingle roof installed. You can choose from among different shingle designs and colors so that you get a new roof that is just right for your unique aesthetic preferences. 

Asphalt shingles don't provide any fire resistance.

Asphalt shingles are actually more fire-resistant than some other roof materials out there. For example, asphalt shingles are significantly more fire-resistant than wood shingle roofs. 

Asphalt shingles are not good for the environment.

If you're looking for a roofing material that is environmentally friendly, asphalt shingles are a great option. Asphalt shingles are typically made from recyclable materials. Another environmental benefit of asphalt shingles is that they can contribute to a more efficient home that requires less energy to heat and cool. 

Asphalt shingles can't be installed on a roof with an especially steep pitch.

Some people think that it's only possible to install asphalt shingles on roofs with a low or moderate pitch. However, roofing contractors can install asphalt shingles on even the steepest roofs. 

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