4 Factors That May Cause Your Roofing Shingles To Deteriorate

The roof covering your home shields it from damage that would otherwise result from exposure to weather elements. Unfortunately, the continuous exposure of the roof to these elements causes it to wear over time. While roof inspection may help keep up with and address roof problems, shingles inevitably deteriorate and must be replaced at some point. Still, what are the key contributors to roof deterioration? Learn more about them in this guide:

Strong Winds

If you reside in an area that experiences inclement weather like hurricanes, you likely expect damage to your roof. Note that hurricanes are characterized by intense winds that can lift or pull your roofing shingles. This exposes the underlayment, causing water to leak inside your home. Additionally, strong winds can damage the ridge line and edge of your shingle roofing. Therefore, speak to your shingle roof repair contractor to inspect for damage and make any necessary repairs after a storm.

Excessive Heat From The Sun

The continuous exposure to heat from the sun's rays can cause your roof to degrade over time. Specifically, the ultraviolet light from the sun's rays may cause your roofing shingles to become brittle and dry. Consequently, your roofing material will likely break and fall off if exposed to severe weather while in this condition. If this happens, water leaks into your house, causing damage to your home's interior and possessions.

Trees Hanging Over the Roof

If tree limbs are hanging over your shingle roof, they can damage your roofing material. This is because when your area experiences harsh weather, the tree branches brush over the roof shingles and may cause punctures. Trees also shed a lot of leaves, clogging the gutters and subsequently compromising drainage. This causes water to seep under the shingles and into your house when it rains. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that large limbs are trimmed regularly. Also important is calling a roofer to routinely clean the roof and down sprout and repair any damage.

Insufficient Roof Ventilation

The heat inside your house can compromise your roof shingles when not properly regulated. You need to recognize that poor ventilation in the attic causes heat to become trapped and rise inside the ceiling. If you don't notice and address this issue in time, the heat makes your roof material curl over time. An effective way to prevent this problem is by ensuring that your contractor inspects the attic whenever you schedule roof maintenance.

Roof shingles are attractive and can last many years with proper maintenance. However, they deteriorate with time, requiring repairs or replacements. Even so, by paying attention to the possible causes of deterioration mentioned above, you needn't worry about premature damage to your roof.

Reach out to a roofing company, such as Goodwin Roofing, to learn more about shingle repair. 

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