Considering Round Windows For Your Home? Here Are The Different Types Of Round Windows To Know

When considering a window installation project, most homeowners think of the basic rectangle design. However, there are other unique shapes that you need to consider. For instance, you can liven up your living space if you add round windows to it. Given the shape, the windows will stand out from the others and let natural light and fresh air into your living space. Besides, there are so many designs of round windows to choose from. Here are the most popular types.


This is a classic design that never goes out of style. When you look at the shape of this structure, you may think it is a half-circle. But it is flatter and wider than the half-circle design. In most cases, you will likely notice these structures on top of large windows or front doors. In addition, you can add grilles to the structure if you want to break up the streams of light.


They are also known as full springline or radius windows. These structures are the perfect option if you are shopping for a stylish and timeless design. The bottom area is rectangular, while the upper part looks like an arch or half-circle. More so, they make for a more inviting space when installed in the dining or living space. This is all thanks to their ability to let freshen up the space.


This traditional window design has made a comeback in modern times. This is all thanks to its ability to add a touch of elegance to any space. You should know that these windows have eight sides and can be installed in the bathroom or kitchen. Often, open windows are preferable to fixed ones because they let in the fresh air and a breeze when open. If you own a traditional home, you may want to add simple grilles to the glass to match your space. However, if you want a modern look, you should forgo the grilles to achieve a clean design.


The hexagon structure has six sides instead of eight and makes for a great installation in your entryway or bathroom. Additionally, these windows are ideal if you want a structure that will add style and uniqueness to your living space. Moreover, you can choose the fixed or operable type depending on your taste

As you can see, round windows offer countless designs to achieve a home interior with a distinctive look. That said, it is best to leave your project to a window installation expert to achieve the best results. This is because it will ensure that your windows are installed correctly and last longer.

For more information about windows, contact a local professional.

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