Signs Your House Needs A New Roof

When the time comes for a new roof, a homeowner needs to avoid making delays in having this work done. If the roof is not promptly replaced, it could put the rest of the house at risk of suffering substantial damage. Unfortunately, it is often the case that a homeowner will be somewhat unaware of the warning signs of imminent roofing problems, which can lead to homes having compromised roofs for far longer than is ideal.

Curling Edges And Shingles

A common sign that a roof is reaching the point of needing to be replaced can be curling roof edges — as well as warping in the roof shingles. This process occurs when these components have reached the end of their lifespan as moisture may be able to seep into these components and cause them to warp. As the curl grows worse, a large gap can be created that will allow moisture to seep through.

Large Amounts Of Granules Washing Off Asphalt Shingles

If your home has asphalt shingles as the roof covering, they will be covered with a series of granules that are integrated into the asphalt. These granules can improve the performance and durability of the roof, but they will eventually start to wash away as the shingles age. If you are noticing a large amount of these granules near the downspout of your house, this can be an indication that it may be time to have the shingles replaced. This type of reroofing work can often avoid the removal of the previous shingles. However, this will only be an option if the rest of the roof is in good structural condition and reroofing has not been previously done. If these conditions are not met, then a total roof replacement may be needed to restore this integral part of the house.

Portions Of The Roof That Are Sagging Or Bulging

If some of the areas of your roof are starting to sag or bulge, this can represent a potentially urgent situation that will need to be addressed. Often, this results from supports in the roof beginning to fail. As these components break down, some areas of the roof could start to sag while others may actually bulge. Both of these problems can even occur at the same time due to the way that the compromised supports may be shifting position. Whenever this type of visible damage occurs to the roof, it will have to be replaced as soon as possible to prevent a potentially devastating roof collapse.

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