Common Mistakes Encountered During DIY Shingle Roof Installation

A good roof is an investment for any homeowner, especially when the materials are top-notch. The secret to a good home is having excellent roofing, such as shingles. However, if you are not careful, your shingle roof replacement project can have you wasting resources and time. Therefore, refrain from using poor-quality shingles to save on cost. So, what common mistakes are you likely to make when carrying out DIY installation? 

Wrong Shingle Alignment

Failure to align the shingles is always a disastrous affair. A professional roof installer will have your shingles aligned horizontally and vertically. This is achieved by arranging the shingles in a stepped and staggered pattern. The shingle edges on one side should always appear offset from those below to avoid water leaks. 

Improper Shingle Nailing

It is advisable to have the roof shingles nailed correctly. This ensures they remain firm for years and are not blown off by strong winds. One should also use the right type and number of nails when nailing. The nails are drilled straight into the deck to enhance firmness. In addition, they act as tight seals and protect against water leakage when placed in the specified areas as advised by the manufacturer. 

Failure to Use Starter Strip Shingles

It is common for a DIY installer to forget to use starter strips shingles when carrying out such a project. An experienced roof installer will enlighten you on the importance of embracing starter strip shingles during roof installation. The starter strip shingles come in handy in enhancing smooth water flow as they overhang the edges. In addition, they aid in preventing water leakage and prevent the shingles from being blown off during a storm. 

Wrong Flashing Installation

Roof installation encompasses various aspects, which include flashing installation. This is where the flashing is nailed to the roof. Unfortunately, you might make a mistake that leads to water leakage and the sealant being exposed, shortening the lifespan of the shingles. It would be best if you also refrained from reusing old flashing. This is a common mistake homeowners make when replacing an old roof in an attempt to save money. However, it will likely have you spending more in the long run due to hidden damage that may reappear with time. 

When ready to undertake shingle roof replacement for your home, remember to hire the services of a trusted and experienced roofing contractor. It guarantees a successful project and provides a long lifespan for your roof. 

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