Commercial Roof Replacement: 4 Qualities That Contribute To The High Popularity Of Metal Roofs

As you go about your day, you may come across numerous commercial buildings with metal roofs, demonstrating just how popular they are. So if you are wondering which roofing material to pick, metal roofs have likely piqued your interests. Fortunately, they possess qualities that would be invaluable to you as you consider new roofing or replacement. Below are reasons why business owners and roofing experts love metal roofs:

Appealing Aesthetics

The initial metal roof versions were mostly utilitarian and, therefore, did not have many styles. Additionally, many were prone to rust, which caused buildings to appear old and neglected. However, metal roofs have undergone an incredible transformation and are now designed with a coating that eliminates rust issues. In addition, these roofs are available in numerous colors and can also be styled to resemble shingle roofs.

Environmental Safety

A metal roof is an excellent solution if you are passionate about safeguarding the environment. This roofing can be made from metals such as aluminum, steel, and copper, which are all recyclable, effectively conserving the environment because you won't dispose of the roof in a landfill when it grows old. At the same time, metal roofs do not easily catch fire or attract lightning. They also reflect solar heat, minimizing energy bills because you won't have to rely on your AC to keep your commercial premises cool.

Mitigating Against Ice Dams

In areas that experience freezing temperatures, there is a need for a roof that helps prevent ice dams from forming. That is because ice dams create an additional layer that destroys your roof. Nonetheless, installing a metal roof can resolve this issue because of its smooth surface and ventilation, enabling snow to melt off your roof more easily. For this to be effective, you should not install metal roofs with granulated surfaces. 

Safe for Solar Panel Installation

While some roofs might not be safe for solar installation, metal roofing has a suitable surface and a longer lifespan than the panels'. Moreover, the panel installation method does not require drilling holes, meaning you can proceed with your installation without worrying about the roof. However, you must hire a roofing expert to avoid denting or puncturing your metal roof. 

Minimal Maintenance

Metal roofs are also popular because they do not require a lot of care. Since they are fireproof, lightning proof, and help prevent ice dam issues, you don't have to worry about repair costs constantly. However, this does not mean that they don't require attention. On the contrary, maintenance is the only effective way to ensure your metal roof serves its maximum lifespan.

Now that you know why metal roofs are so popular among business owners in the country, you are in a great position to contact a roofer and inquire about how to go about the commercial installation replacement.

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