4 Kinds Of Gutter Material

Your gutters help protect your home. They are designed to collect water that gathers on your roof and funnel it into the downspout. The downspout carries the water away from the foundation of your house. That keeps water away from your home's foundation and off your siding. When you need replacement gutters, you need to talk to a gutter contractor about the options available, including the different guttering materials.  


Polyvinyl chloride is a type of plastic. PVC is usually the least expensive choice for gutters and is very quick and easy to install. The different sections easily click together. That makes it easy to get the correct length for your house. Polyvinyl chloride can also be dyed, molded, and used to mimic other guttering materials. PVC is durable but more prone to UV damage than metal options. Too much exposure to UV light can leave the plastic brittle and damaged.


Aluminum is one of the most common guttering materials. It is also generally the least expensive of the metal options. Benefits to aluminum gutters include the fact that they are corrosion resistant. Since gutters are exposed to all that water, rust can be a real issue. Aluminum gutters are also relatively lightweight, which can be a benefit for older houses that may not be as sturdy as they once were. 

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel starts with steel; then, the metal gets dipped into a vat of molten zinc as a protective coating. Steel is vulnerable to corrosion, whereas zinc is not. There is still a chance of rusting, especially as the gutters age. The gutters can be painted so that they can match your house. Additional coatings can be applied as well to help protect the gutters. 


This choice of guttering is probably the most expensive option. It is also probably the most attractive choice. Copper will develop a patina over the years and can look very attractive. The patina can be cleaned off to keep the copper nice and shiny. If you choose to go with copper gutters, a good choice would be to use them as an accent or only on the front face of your home because of their price. 

Gutters are very important to your house. When you need replacement gutters, talk to a gutter installation company. Ask them about the different materials and styles to see what the rep would suggest for your house.  

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