3 Topics To Discuss With Your Commercial Roofing Contractor

If your building will need a new roof soon, it's a good idea to get the process started since it could be months before the work can begin if the roofer is booked solid or if there are supply chain issues for commercial roofing.

Booking early also helps you schedule the work for the best seasons for installing roofing and for a time when your operations may be slower than usual so your employees don't have to put up with a lot of disruption. Here are some topics you might want to discuss with your commercial roofing contractor about your new roof.

1. If Switching Roofing Materials Is A Good Idea

If you've had your current roof for several years, you've had time to notice if it has chronic problems or if the environment around your building has changed and you need different roofing materials. For instance, if your area has been getting more hail or wildfires in recent years, you may want to switch to a more protective type of roofing.

However, your choice in roofing often depends on the slope of your roof. If you have a flat roof, membrane roofing might be necessary, but if it has a slight slope, metal panels might work and provide better protection.

2. If You Get A Maintenance Contract And Warranty

Installing a new roof is just the first step in protecting your building. A commercial building also needs scheduled inspections and maintenance to keep up with repairs. You might sign a maintenance contract so your commercial roofing contractor will automatically keep up with maintenance visits.

Your roof should come with a warranty too. You'll want to understand the terms and know what might void it. For instance, your own maintenance crew may not be allowed to make repairs if a condition of your warranty is to have all work done by a licensed roofer.

3. If The Work Will Disrupt Your Operations

One of the things you need to work out with the roofer is if getting the new roof will interfere with your operations in any way. It could depend on the type of company you have and what you do inside your building. However, it's usually possible to put on a new roof without having to shut down your company.

Besides, installing a new commercial roof could take days if your building is large, so you need a plan for getting the work done without getting in the way of your employees. It helps to get an estimate of how long the work should take so you know what to expect. This information should be included in your contract, but keep in mind, there could always be weather delays.

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