Are Dormers Ideal For Your Home Roofing?

Dormers are windows projecting from the sloped side of a roof and can be an excellent addition during residential roof construction. Your home can benefit from the functional benefits of dormers when a roofer helps you pick the right type of dormer to suit your residence. Here are four reasons why dormers could be ideal for your home:

Increased Lighting

Dormers can add to the amount of light entering your upstairs and attic spaces. Therefore, you can convert such spaces into reading areas or bedrooms. Eyebrow dormers are an example of a design that can help allow a significant amount of light into your home. Other types include gabled, hipped, shed, and segmental dormers. A residential roofing contractor can advise you on the dormer that will brighten dark areas in your home and make them livable while complementing your home's design.

Enhance Ventilation

A dormer roof has windows that help bring in cool air during the summer. They also let out hot air to help maintain the desired temperatures. Therefore, with proper ventilation, the air quality inside your home can significantly improve. Your attic and the upstairs room can also experience fresh air flow, making it possible to conduct activities in this area without running your cooling unit continually, helping you save on power costs.

Visual Appeal

Dormers have a stunning appearance and add an extra flair to your home's look. They break up the roofline's monotony and create aesthetic appeal. This helps increase your property's value, which you can cash in on if you sell or rent it out. A professional roofing contractor can choose from the various styles and sizes to find dormers that meet your needs, in addition to complementing and enhancing your building's appearance. Depending on your home's style, you can also choose between modern or traditional dormers.

Effective Drainage

An expert can install a dormer on hipped roofs to facilitate drainage. For example, hipped dormers have sloped planes that channel water from your roof. That way, your roof can remain in excellent shape and reduce the chances of leaks. Shed dormers can also allow water to flow effectively, preventing it from accumulating on your roof and causing damage that could otherwise lead to extensive repairs. In addition, dormers enable the snow to melt and drain off without hassle.

Dormer roofs can bring your home the above benefits, and an expert roofer can install these features in your residence. With professional installation and maintenance, you can enjoy the beauty and functionality of dormers for decades.

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