When Is It Time For A Commercial Roofing Project?

Many types of businesses rely on commercial roofing service companies to help them protect their investments in their buildings. Some business owners, though, might not be sure about when to call a commercial roofing contractor unless there's an obvious leak. You can judge whether it's time for roofing help by checking these four factors.

Pooling Water

The typical commercial roof is flat, or very close to it. Consequently, they tend to rely on drainage systems and evaporation to dry after rainstorms. If you see areas where the water isn't going away quickly—or at all—the roof may have developed some depressions. These can allow water to pool, making it harder or even impossible for evaporation and drainage to do their jobs. Similarly, the drainage system on the roof could be clogged and create problems. In either case, the pooled water that doesn't go away after a sunny day is a sign it's time to speak with a contractor.

Mildew or Moss

Moisture can collect on the surface of the roof without necessarily creating a visible pool of water. In these areas, mildew or moss can grow. If there is sufficient wetness to allow such growth, the roof may have other problems. It could be absorbing enough water in cracks, for example, to encourage growth. Also, poor drainage or depressions are possible explanations.

Falling Materials

Once a commercial roofing service provider has treated the top of a building, the materials should stay in place. Many commercial roofs use tar, rubber, concrete, or gravel mixtures. As long as the roof is in good shape, there should be little to no debris falling from the building's top. If you see materials or debris regularly collecting on the ground in the vicinity of the roof, that's a possible sign that the roof's surface has degraded. A contractor may need to treat the roof again or apply some patches to secure everything.

More than a Year Since Inspection

You should have a professional inspect a roof around once per year, barring extreme conditions. Even if there is no reason to suspect a problem, ask a commercial roofing company such as Gold Star Roofing & Exteriors, LLC to send someone out to your place to look at the roof. Ideally, if there are problems, the company can identify them before they damage the structure. You can then have them perform the necessary repairs in a timely manner and on a schedule, reducing the potential for business interruptions.

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