4 Reasons to Consider Solar Tiles for Your Roof Replacement Project

Replacing a roof is a project homeowners dread because of the cost and scope of the project. However, once your roof starts suffering damage and repairs become excessive, you have no option but to replace it. The best thing about a roof overhaul is that you get to choose what you want to change about it, especially when it comes to material. One of the best materials to consider is solar tiles. You can either remove the existing material to accommodate the new installation or retrofit the tiles onto the roof. Here are the top four reasons to consider solar tiles for your roof replacement project. 

They Are Easy to Install

The installation process determines whether a replacement project will be a success. One of the reasons behind the popularity of photovoltaic shingles is their ease of installation. You can place them over the existing roof or remove the current structure to install them independently. Either process is simple and gives you a new roof within a short time.

They Improve Appearance 

The first generation of solar roofs was unappealing when it came to appearance. Many homeowners kept off the material because it made the home look significantly different from the others close to it. However, the design process has improved a lot over the years, and the current generation of tiles is sleek and attractive. They will add to the overall appearance of your home and make it stand out in the neighborhood. 

They Are Effective

A solar roof serves a dual purpose. The first function is guarding your home against the harsh external weather. It also collects solar energy and converts it into electricity. The improvements made by designers on the tiles have made them a highly effective roofing material and an energy source for the home. A roof replacement contractor will also help you assess the house and determine the best orientation to install the tiles for maximum efficiency. 

They Are Sturdy

Sturdiness is another quality that comes with these roofs. They are sleek and do not interfere with the direction of the wind flow. Consequently, you do not have to worry about the tiles getting lifted by the wind. Also, the manufacturers design the material to withstand cyclonic winds without getting damaged.

The benefits of installing solar tiles on the roof are many. It is advisable to speak to a roofing contractor about the current state of your roof and whether you can replace it with solar tiles to give it a new life and offer your home a source of energy. 

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