Which Metal Roof Should You Pick For Your Home?

It is normal to feel confused about which roofing you should pick. Perhaps you already know that you want a metal roof, but you are still on the fence about possible benefits and how other options compare. The good thing is that you won't go wrong with a metal roof because it is among the most durable roofing options available. Also, your roof will be resilient and will not demand a lot of attention. Below is a list of metal roof options you should consider for installation.

Your First Option- Copper 

Copper roofs have been around for centuries, making them one of today's oldest metal roofs. They are still in use because they have a tremendous life span, no matter area of installation. On top of that, you can recycle the material once the roof gets old. Since it is a lightweight metal, roofing contractors can easily transport and install it. This same quality means the metal will not be too heavy for your structure.

Your Second Option- Aluminum 

 Another option to consider is aluminum metal roofing. Like copper, aluminum roofs can also last long when accompanied by regular maintenance. Apart from this, they are available in various styles, so you will likely find one that matches your home. They are most common in homes along the coasts because of their high resistance to salt corrosion. Once they react with oxygen in the air, they produce an aluminum oxide that shields the inner layers from corrosion.

Your Third Option- Steel 

Another option you might want to install is steel metal, an alloy of iron, and other elements. Steel roofs come in various gauges and are pretty affordable. You can easily mimic other metal roofs by painting the surface of your steel roof. Because they are tough, steel roofs can withstand impact during a hailstorm. Also, their lightweight nature means you can install them even on an old property. Lastly, steel metal roofs are fire-resistant, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly.

Your Forth Option- Zinc 

Zinc metal roofs are easy to manipulate into any shape, and thanks to the low melting point, your roof will take up very little energy to process. It is also a green option because you can recycle it once it wears out. The downside with zinc is chalking, which affects the aesthetics. However, you can remedy this problem with resin coating.

The above metal roofs are ideal options for your consideration. Your installation ultimately boils down to the costs. Copper can be the costlier option, while aluminum can be the most affordable. Once you decide on the material, hire residential roofing services—such as Hinkle Roofing & Construction Incorporated—to do the installations.

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