3 Important Questions About Foam Insulation Answered

Adding insulation to an existing roof can be difficult because it can be awkward to add insulation. However, it's much easier to add spray foam insulation. You are able to add as much insulation as you can and the existing insulation doesn't have to be removed. You'll want to hire a foam roofing system installation service because you need the right equipment to add the spray foam. However, before you get started, there are three key questions to answer.

How Does Spray Foam Insulation Work?

The chemicals used for the spray foam insulation sit in containers that need to be heated. The insulation is then sprayed into the roof using a hose. The foam is designed to have the right thickness so your roof can have the proper R-value. 

The spray foam is not invincible and will degrade over time because of UV rays. However, there is a special protective coating that the foaming system installation specialists can use to protect the foam. There are various elastomeric coatings that can be applied over the spray foam. The coating is designed to expand and contract depending on how hot or cold it is outside without the performance degrading. 

How Easy is it to Install Spray Foam Insulation?

The spray foam can be applied very quickly because the technician who is applying the spray foam simply presses a button and the spray foam comes out. When insulation is easy to install, it is also less expensive to install because there will be fewer labor costs. The technicians will not have to worry about penetrations such as skylights and HVAC systems. The spray foam adheres immediately when it comes in contact with a surface. However, without the proper equipment, you will not be able to add spray foam insulation. 

While you might need to install an entirely new insulation system if you are not using spray foam insulation, you do not have to do this with spray foam insulation. If an area of insulation becomes damaged, you can have it removed and this area can be replaced with spray foam insulation.

Will Spray Foam Insulation Keep My Home Warm?

With the foam, you won't have to worry about seams. When installing a traditional type of insulation, there will be gaps where air can escape. However, when using spray foam insulation, there are no gaps — you can enjoy a home that is more energy-efficient without having to worry about cold spots forming.

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