When Does Commercial Roof Replacement Become The Best Choice?

When your roof is damaged, it's hard to know whether you should repair it or invest in roof replacement. When it comes to selecting roofing options, there are several factors to consider before committing to one or the other. It would be advisable to seek the advice of a skilled roofer before making your choice. However, there are several  circumstances in which commercial roof replacement presents the better option:

1. When Water Infiltration Is Too Extensive

Water infiltration is perhaps the biggest risk to a commercial workspace because it poses a danger to merchandise and inventory. Considering commercial roofs are often large, it becomes too time-consuming and expensive to repair extensive leaks.  

A new roof can help prevent future damage by providing better protection against weather elements. Plus, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected against any future water damage with a new roof installed.

2. When Large Sections of the Roof Membrane Are Vulnerable to Wind Uplift

The membranes on commercial roofs are often vulnerable to wind uplift when they come apart at the seams, corners, and parapets. Your roofer will often test the integrity of these bonds during roof inspections.

Roof repairs are usually effective for localized and small unraveling. But when large sections of your roof membrane are vulnerable to wind uplift, you may want to consider a commercial roof replacement. It mitigates the risk of extensive damage by a blown-off roof during a storm. 

3. When You Need to Overhaul for Energy Efficiency 

If you're concerned about energy efficiency and want to convert from your current commercial roof to a more green, eco-friendly model, you will have a better opportunity to deploy energy efficiency features with a commercial roof replacement.

Today, there are special incentives for customers who choose environmentally friendly roofs with excellent ratings for energy efficiency. Remember that green roofs are a far better investment in terms of long-term savings.

4. When You Have a Long-term Lease 

A commercial roof replacement is a heavy investment, so you must look at your lease terms before investing. If you have an annual or short-term lease, there's no need to replace your commercial roof because you could lose the lease and your investment. If you have a long-term lease and want to get a new commercial roof, make sure that it's part of your contract with your landlord.

5. When the Roof is Out of Warranty

 It's essential to look at your roof's warranty to decide whether or not you should replace or repair it. If the warranty is still valid, repairs would be easier on the pocket. But when the warranty is elapsed, it would be better to go for a full replacement. 

The roof on your commercial premises plays a big role in protecting your business assets and projecting your brand image, so it should always be in good shape. Call a roofer to discuss the suitability of a commercial roof replacement.

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