Reasons To Replace Your Commercial Roof With Concrete Tiles

Commercial roofs generally need to be durable, long-lasting, and low maintenance. Over the years, a number of materials have emerged as go-to options in commercial roofing. Asphalt is really common, as is poured concrete. However, there is another roofing material that has been gaining popularity in commercial structures: concrete tiles. Those used on commercial buildings tend to be larger than the concrete tiles seen on homes, and they may also be plainer-looking. However, they offer a number of key benefits to commercial building owners.

Ease of Installation

Pouring solid-surface commercial roofing products, like asphalt and concrete, is quite a process. It requires a lot of skill and can take a lot of time. Installing commercial concrete roof tiles, comparatively, is easier. It requires fewer specialized tools, and contractors can learn the process quite easily. If you don't want to have to close your business down for too long while the roof is being replaced, then concrete tiles are a good option. They can be installed faster and with less cumbersome equipment so you can be back in the building faster. 

Easier Repairs and Replacement

If most commercial roofing surfaces become damaged, then the roofer needs to repair the damaged surface while it is left in place. With concrete roof tiles, on the other hand, the damaged tile can simply be removed and replaced. This makes most repairs pretty simple, which will generally save you some money over the years. All you need to do, in most cases, is pay your roofer for a new tile and the time it takes to install that tile. 

Energy Savings

A big, commercial building can use a lot of energy, and a little bit of savings can go a long way. Concrete roof tiles are generally light in color, so they reflect sunlight. Some are even made to be more reflective than usual. This can keep your building cooler in the summer, which will lower your AC bills. You don't even have to paint the tiles to get this effect like some people paint their black asphalt roofs. Reducing your energy use is good for the planet and for your bottom line.

If the time has come for commercial roof replacement, talk to your roofing contractor about concrete tiles. Some roofing companies are now making tiles specifically for commercial buildings, and they may be perfect for you — because they offer the benefits above.

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