5 Signs Of A High-Quality Roof Installation

Your home or business's roof is one of the most important parts of its protection. That means every building owner wants to ensure that a high-quality installation was done. But if you're not a roofing professional, how can you be confident with the work? Here are five important signs to look for that indicate quality work. 

1. Insurance and Certification. Ask what licensing and certification the installer has. If they go to the extra time and effort to receive objective industry certifications, they care about their work and usually have to continue to meet professional requirements. The company should also be able to provide liability and workers' compensation insurance.

2. Fixing the Sheathing. The sheathing, or decking, is the solid layer — usually of treated wood — that serves as a base for shingle or tile placement. Once the sheathing is accessible, a good roofer will take the time to inspect it and make any repairs needed. The most common repair is securing it to the frame with additional nails. If they do this, they're starting from a quality point. 

3. Even, Precise Shingle Placement. Take a look at the roof as it's being installed (or afterward) from whatever vantage points you feel comfortable. Look for straight, precise overlapping in rows of tile or shingle. Shingles need sufficient overlap to form an impermeable barrier against water. You should not see haphazard placement, loose edges, gaps, or insufficient nails. 

4. The Right Underlayment. Between the sheathing and shingles is the underlayment. This is a water and puncture barrier vital to keep the rain out of your attic. A quality contractor will discuss underlayment options and recommend those most appropriate to your climate and building. If you live in a snowy or icy region, they should also include some form of ice and water shield for certain spots. 

5. A Clean Construction Site. Every construction site can get messy and even dangerous. But your high-quality contractor will do their best to keep things safe and clean for your family. They'll clean up after their crew in a timely and thorough manner. They make an effort to minimize interruption in your family life. They work to protect your landscape, vehicles, and home. And nothing is left when they're gone. 

No matter how much or how little you know about roof repair and replacement, anyone can look for these signs of quality work. Want to know more about what to expect? Start by consulting with roofing contractors in your area like Iconic Roofing  LLC.

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