Warning Signs That You Need A Roof Inspection

The job of a roof inspector is to assess the quality of a roof and determine whether there are any improvements that might need to be made to the roof. A roof inspector is not the same as a home inspector because the roof inspector will inspect the roof to a much greater extent and will use more sophisticated equipment. 

Don't Ignore Your Roof

As long as your roof is doing its job, you might find yourself ignoring the roof. However, if you do not have your roof inspected regularly, problems might develop that can become very expensive to correct in the future. 

Warning Signs of Problems with Your Roof

You might begin to notice icicles forming on your gutters which can be a warning sign of an ice dam. You might notice that there is more moisture in your attic than there used to be. When these issues arise, you will need to find out the root cause so you can have these problems corrected.

A roofing inspector will be able to examine the structure of the roof to make sure that it's sound. They will be able to notice problems with the roof that would be difficult for a layman to identify. While a roofing inspector will charge a fee, you will save money in the long run because you will not have to pay as much for your roof repairs when problems are solved early on.

When the roof inspector climbs onto the roof, they might notice that there are missing tiles, water damage, holes, sagging sections of the roof, shingles that have become torn or are missing, or issues with the gutters. Once the roof inspection specialist identifies one of these problems, they will provide you with advice on how to best solve the problem.

How to Choose the Right Roof Inspector

A good roofing inspector for your home will be an inspector who is certified in residential roof inspections. A roofer can also be certified in commercial or wind damage inspections but a residential roof inspection expert will be much more capable of finding problems with your home roof.

The roof inspector may find no problems with your roof. However, if there are any problems that the inspector can identify, they will then provide you with an estimate for how much it will cost to repair the roof and will explain what your options are. 

For more information about a roof inspection, contact a local roofer. 

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