How A Residential Roofing Contractor Can Help Fix Clogged Gutters

Rain gutters play a critical role in your home. For your home to be complete, the gutter system must function properly. These long, hollow sections catch rainwater and direct it away from the siding and foundation.

Without them, water can stagnate and overflow in your home and leave certain structures vulnerable to rusting and rotting. If you notice a problem with your gutters, you need to contact a residential roofing contractor right away.

Are Clogged Gutters a Roofing Emergency?

Rain gutters basically divert water away from your home. This is an important function since even small amounts of water can cause significant damage.

Common problems caused by clogged gutters include:

Foundation Problems

If you have a 3,000-square-foot house, the amount of water that pours down on the roof can be overwhelming. A properly functioning gutter system will carry this water away from your home.

However, clogged or poorly functioning gutters do the opposite. They allow water to pour down the walls or spill over the sides. Consequently, the drained water pools around the foundation, causing significant home damage.

Broken Gutters

If a residential roofing contractor does not fix clogged gutters in time, the collected water has nowhere to go. Instead, it fills your gutters, and the additional weight causes these gutters to bend. If it continues to rain, the extra load eventually breaks off sections of your gutters.

Ceiling and Wall Damage

As water accumulates in the gutters, it leaks on the ceiling and the sides of your home. With time, trapped moisture causes the ceiling, wooden facia boards, and other essential structures to rot. On other occasions, the water severely damages the siding. If a residential roofing contractor doesn't clean the gutters, the built-up moisture leads to uncontrolled mold and mildew growth. 

For these reasons, clogged gutters are a serious roofing emergency that needs urgent attention. If you ignore the issue, you risk severe damage to your home and avoidable repairs.

How Can a Residential Roofing Contractor Help?

You need to contact a roofer to clean your gutters routinely. Otherwise, debris will collect inside and cause harm to your home's landscaping and support structures. Since a residential roofing contractor has the skills and experience, they can assess the severity and fix clogged gutters quickly. 

The roofer will remove all the accumulated debris and firmly re-seat the downspout cage. If the cage is missing or damaged, they can replace it. Sometimes, they may have to repair or reposition the gutter supports.

Contact a company like Kerry Roofing LLC to learn more. 

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