Roof Repair Services You Are Likely to Need

Roof repair services can offer homeowners a number of important services to can be needed to keep this critical part of the home in good condition. However, it is common for homeowners to have a limited understanding of the types of services that these professionals are able to provide their clients.

Completing Storm Damage Assessments

Following a strong storm moving through your area, the roof should undergo a thorough damage assessment. Strong winds, hail, and even the force of heavy rain can cause damage to the roof in a variety of ways that may not be obvious without a professional assessment. An example of this could be shingles that have been loosened or knocked out of alignment. These shingles may be far less capable of stopping water from entering the home, which can lead to considerable damage occurring before this issue is noticed by the property owner. However, a professional assessment will be able to reveal this issue so that repairs can be made before further damage occurs to the structural supports of the home.         

Repairing And Preventing Dry Rot

Dry rot can be a common issue that many residential roofs will encounter. This damage is typically the result of a fungus that thrives in moisture environments. If your roof has poor ventilation, it can be possible for the interior of it to be moist enough to support the growth of this type of fungus. Once dry rot has occurred, a roof replacement may be necessary as this damage can cause substantial structural issues for the roof. In addition to assisting you with repairing the damage the dry rot caused, a roof repair service may also be able to make upgrades to your roof's ventilation to reduce moisture levels enough to minimize the chance of this fungus starting to grow.

Replacing Flashing That Is Damaged or Improperly Installed

Your roof will utilize flashing to help close the gaps that may exist between sections of the roof. For example, there may be small gaps around the chimney as well as along the perimeter where the roof meets the rest of the structure. If this flashing were to suffer damage or if it was not properly installed, the protection that it will be able to provide will be substantially reduced. Fortunately, replacing damaged flashing is an affordable and quick type of roofing repair, but it is still capable of potentially saving the homeowner large amounts in future repairs due to moisture intrusions where the previous damaged flashing was located.

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