5 Commercial Roofing Tasks That Require Professional Roofer

Construction of commercial roofs is usually more complicated than residential roofs. Commercial roofing services can only be executed by professional roofers. Most professionals that work in this field have done their stint on several construction projects and gained extensive experience in the past years. These people undergo training and attend workshops to keep themselves updated on recent developments regarding roofing techniques and materials.

1. Re-roofing

Re-roofing lets you get rid of your old, worn out or leaky roofs and replace these with new ones. One of the most crucial parts of re-roofing is what's known as "dewatering". Water needs to be removed from beneath the roofing layer so that the underlying material doesn't get damaged.

Adhering to specifications helps protect your investments and enhances efficiency. It is important that you hire professional roofers who adhere to local codes and industry standards when working on any type of commercial re-roofing project.

2. Hurricane-proofing Your Commercial Roof

If your premise is located in an area where hurricanes are common, it's essential that your commercial roof is hurricane-proofed before the next big storm comes along. This requires special equipment and will have to be done by a professional roofer with experience with this type of specialized work.

3. Replacing Skylights

Replacing damaged or missing skylights can involve difficult tasks like removing old shingles first and making sure the replacement glass is sealed tightly against the underlayment below (not all types of roofs can accommodate skylights). Before replacing skylight windows, make sure other problems like water penetration aren't causing other damage within your commercial roofing system. This can only be done by a commercial roofing contractor.

4. Replacing Roof Ventilation Equipment

Another difficult task that should only be handled by a professional roofing contractor is replacing damaged or missing roof ventilation systems like turbine vents, ridge vents, and exhaust fans. In some cases, the damage might not be readily visible from the ground below - it may require a closer look via a telescopic camera from your commercial roofer's harness before they make any repairs or replacements. You'll also want to make sure this type of work doesn't violate local building codes as well as manufacturer installation instructions for this kind of specialized equipment.

5. Repairs After Hail Storms

Once you've been through a major hailstorm, you know just how serious these types of weather events can be for your commercial roofing system. If the storm is bad enough that your asphalt shingles or other protective systems have been damaged, it takes a skilled and professional roofer to restore them before further damage occurs. Hail storm damage can put your commercial building at risk for extensive water penetration problems that could result in costly repairs and even structural damage to the frame of your roof. 

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