When To Call A Roofer To Discuss If It's Time For A Residential Roof Replacement

If your roof has a worn-out look about it and you wonder if it might have hidden leaks somewhere, it could be time to have your roof inspected by a professional. If your roof has degraded to the point where it looks worn out when you look at it from the street, that's a good sign it might need to be replaced.

However, a residential roof replacement contractor will check the shingles, flashing, and deck to assess the condition of your roof. Here's how to decide if you should consider having a roof replacement done.

You're Heading Into A Season That's Hard On Roofing

If you're heading into winter or the spring stormy season, it's a good idea to have your roof in good shape. Your contractor might make repairs if possible, but if you'd rather not waste money on repairs when a roof replacement is imminent, you may prefer to get a new roof, so you're ready for heavy snows or strong storms.

A bad roof is more easily damaged by storms, and that increases the risk of a roof leak and water damage to your home. When you get a new roof, it should stand strong against typical winds and rain, so you have less to worry about when it storms. However, it's always good to check on your roof after a particularly bad storm, even when the roofing is new.

There Are Few Granules Left On The Roof

The amount of granules on your asphalt shingle roof is a good indication of your roof's condition. The granules protect the roof from damage and UV degradation. If the granules are mostly gone, that indicates your roof is past its lifespan. With the granules gone, the aging of your roof will even escalate.

The solution is to have a roof replacement done. It's important to understand that new shingles shed granules fairly fast for the first several months. That's to be expected. The loss slows down and then granules are slowly worn away over the years until it's time for another roof replacement. 

Your Neighbors Are Getting New Roofs

If the homes in your neighborhood were all built close to the same time, the roofs will be the same age. That means they'll all need roof replacements at the same time. The roofing contractor might even offer you a discount if they can get several residential roof replacement jobs near each other at the same time.

Whether you get a discount or not, when you see your neighbors getting new roofs, you may want to consider getting one too, or at least have your roof checked by a contractor to see if it's time for a roof replacement.  

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