Two Reasons Why You Should Have an Early Spring Roof Inspection After a Rough Winter

While going through an especially hard winter full of snow, sleet, and ice storms, it can be difficult for you to fully ascertain the damage the wintry weather has caused to your home. This particularly applies to your roof, since you are unable to fully see what damage has been done. 

When the weather starts to warm up, however, you may want to consider having a professional take a look at your roof. There are a couple of reasons why having this inspection in the early spring months is important.

1.  Damage Caused by Wintry Weather Can Rapidly Become Worse in the Spring

One reason why you should have your home's roof inspected by a professional in the early spring is that any damage caused by wintry weather can rapidly become worse. Once the snow and ice make way for spring rains, the added moisture can wreak havoc on your roof.

If any of the shingles were damaged during the wintry storms or the underlayment was left exposed after the formation of ice dams, the rain will only make matters worse. The cracks will allow water to leak through, causing rotting of the exposed plywood and leading to eventual leaks into your house if they are not repaired as soon as possible.

2.  Damage Sustained During Winter Is Easier to Locate and Repair Once Warmer Weather Hits

Another reason why an inspection of your roof should be done by a professional once warmer weather sets in is that the roofers can more easily locate the damage. If you suspect that your roof is damaged during winter, it can be difficult to find it while there is still the chance of wintry weather. It can also be dangerous if snow, ice, and slush are still present on the roof.

However, once spring arrives, the roofers can more easily get on the roof. They will most likely have better light from the sun so that they can pinpoint the exact areas of damage.

Once the weather starts warming up after an especially rough winter, having your roof inspected can allow the professionals to more easily locate any damage caused by the wintry weather so that affected areas can be repaired before the damage gets worse. Once the early spring months approach, contact a roofing contractor who serves your area to schedule a time for them to come to your home and give the roof a thorough inspection so that any required repairs can be completed.

Contact roofers if you have questions about getting your roofing redone. 

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