4 Main Reasons to Install a Flat Roof Over Your Commercial Building

Commercial roofing is different from residential in many ways. First, the roofs are more expansive than their residential counterparts. Secondly, commercial rooftops encounter many damaging effects from their surroundings. That is why you need a robust roofing system for your commercial property.

But with so many roofing materials and styles in the market, choosing the perfect one can be rather tricky. Here are the four main reasons flat roofs find widespread application in commercial settings.

Offer Space for Equipment

Another surprising benefit of a flat roof is that it provides space to install HVAC outdoor units. This roof is perfect for the equipment because you can easily add access control measures, ensuring that nobody tampers with the equipment or damages it. 

Besides that, you can install solar panels, or other outdoor infrastructure provided it is compact enough. Large flat roofs are an essential resource when you need to get solar power on a large scale, as it's possible to set up several panels. 

Offer a Low Cost of Construction

Generally, a sloping roof is expensive to install over a commercial establishment such as a business or industrial complex. That's is because the total area in square footage the material has to cover is expansive, and sloping increases the needed material. 

On the other hand, a flat roof requires lesser material to cover the area. Also, you don't need to install the support systems and frameworks that are otherwise required in the sloping system. Roofing contractors usually charge more to install sloppy roofing designs than flat roofs due to their complexity. 

Offer an Assortment of Styles

A wide selection of roofing methods might not be available for sloppy roofs. But that is not the case with the flat roofing design. They come in various styles, such as the modified bitumen membrane, built-up roofs, and thermoplastic or thermosetting membranes. Consult your roofing contractor on the details of each of these roofing alternatives. That way, you can select an option that matches your needs perfectly. 

Offer Better Sealing of the Roof

An effective way to extend the life of your roof is by coating it with appropriate materials. For instance, spraying a coat over the surface can offer protection from water, sun, and dust. Flat roofs soak in coatings better than all other options. 

Hiring an experienced commercial roofing contractor for your roof installation is important. They will help you make sound decisions and, more importantly, install the system expertly. 

To find out more, contact a company like P & G Renovations Roofing today. 

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