Signs You Have Water Ponding Issues On Your Roof

Water ponding on your residential roof comes with its fair share of dangers. Therefore, you need to detect water ponding issues in their early stages. This will help you hire residential roofing services before the problem escalates. Here are some signs that water is pooling on your roof. 


In most cases, leaks happen because rainwater is getting enough time to infiltrate your roof. So, if you spot leaks on your roof, there is a likelihood that you have ponding water.

Unfortunately, leaks can go unnoticed for months, especially if there is a ceiling under your roof. You need to check your attic often or have a residential roofing service conduct regular inspections. This is the only way to catch leaks and water ponding issues early.

Drainage Issues

You don't necessarily have to climb on the roof to spot water ponding issues. You can tell that water is pooling on your roof if the drainage pipes and gutters aren't routing water as they are supposed to. If these roofing structures aren't working, it is a sign that water is accumulating on your roof. Remember that the stagnant water will remain on your roof until the rain subsides and the sun comes out.

You Can Spot Pools of Water

Inspecting your roof after a heavy rainstorm can help you detect water ponding issues early on. You just need to be at a vantage point to spot water ponds on your residential roof. As long as some hours have passed after a rainstorm, there should be no water standing on your roof. So, if you can spot puddles covering parts of your roof, it is a sign that you need residential roofing services.

Wet Spots

A roof with water ponding issues will always have wet spots. These spots can appear on or under the roof. So, if you spot any wet areas on your ceiling, attic, or wall, you are probably dealing with water ponding. Remember, wet spots come as a result of water leakages. So, form a habit of inspecting your ceiling and attic after heavy rainstorms. It's the only way you can detect wet spots early.

Final Thoughts

Water ponding issues are prevalent on buildings with flat roofs, but that doesn't mean they are unsolvable. You only need to contact a roofing contractor and have them check out your roof. Besides, if you ignore the water ponding problem, you'll have to deal with major repairs at one time.

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