EPDM Roof Restoration Might Be A More Cost-Effective Choice Than A Roof Replacement

If your rubber roof has seen a lot of wear and tear, it may be time to restore it. Rubber roofing can be repaired or restored to extend its life as long as the condition of your roof hasn't deteriorated to the point where it has too much water damage. Here's a look at some steps in EPDM roof restoration.

Determine Extent Of Moisture Damage 

If a seam came loose or a puncture hole developed in the membrane, rain may have leaked down to the insulation boards on the roof deck. If the moisture under the membrane is too widespread, you might need to get a new roof. If the moisture damage is just in a small area, the roofer may proceed with the restoration process.

Repair Problem Areas 

If a seam has come loose, the roofer may patch it up with seam tape. They might also patch up holes with pieces of rubber membrane. These repairs can usually be done with adhesives that hold the patches in place. If the roof has a lot of damaged places that need to be patched up, the roofer might recommend coating the rubber roofing membrane too.

EPDM Roof Restoration With A Coating

A rubber roof coating can be applied over an EPDM roofing membrane. The coating can extend the life of the membrane for many years. It might even be possible to put another coating on top of the first coating when the first coating starts to show signs of damage. Restoring a rubber roof with a coating costs much less than installing a new rubber roofing membrane, and you'll get many years of life from the restoration.

An EPDM coating goes on as a liquid. The liquid rubber spreads out over the old membrane and cures to create a solid layer of watertight protection over the top of your roof. Since the coating is in a single layer, there are no seams to leak, and the old seams are sealed shut by the coating.

The rubber roofing coating even covers flashing and creates seals around roof protrusions for added water protection. EPDM roof restoration is worth a close look when something has to be done about your old roof and you need a cost-effective solution. A coating is quick and easy to apply, and it's much less disruptive than tearing off your old roofing and applying a new membrane.

Start by having your roof checked by a commercial roofer to see if it is suitable for an EPDM coating. If so, EPDM roof restoration might be a better choice than a roof replacement.

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