Reroofing A Series Of Franchises

Reroofing several franchises that you run may prompt you to seek a roofer who will perform consistent steps during the upgrading of each property. Forging a relationship with a quality roofer should involve being clear about your expectations and open to roofing options that will improve the appearance and functionality of each structure's rooftop.

Issues And A Timeline

Assessing the current rooftops and compiling a list of issues that have led you to choose a reroofing service will help your new roofer understand your concerns. A roofer who is accustomed to handling large projects may have multiple crews who work under them. This type of roofer could possibly set up a roofing strategy that will allow the reroofing of each franchise to be conducted at the same time.

If you interview a roofer who works on a smaller scale, you may be able to work out a deal that will allow you to get a roofing project done for relatively cheap. A quality roofer does not necessarily need to perform large projects, especially if the timeline in which you plan on having the reroofing completed is not going to make an impact on how your business plan is executed.

Speak to each roofer who you have in mind and show them your list of roofing issues. If you have any photographs of the buildings that you will be upgrading, these can help a roofer understand the design and layout of each building. 

Roofing Inspections

A quality roofer will perform a thorough inspection, prior to providing you with an estimate. Some roofers may provide a ballpark figure for the amount that you will be charged. If an estimated amount is given, you should factor in that the final cost could be more or less than the estimate. This is due to any issues that may arise or shortcuts that can be taken.

For instance, your roofer may initially tell you a cost that seems relatively high, due to the amount of labor that is expected to be conducted. Later on, this amount may be reduced, if a roofing crew is able to perform the reroofing project in a shorter amount of time than anticipated.

Ordering roofing supplies in advance will help you keep each reroofing project uniform. A larger scale roofing company may have plenty of roofing materials that they keep at their place of business. Work out the final details with a roofing manager concerning the access to roofing materials prior to each project beginning.

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