The Ultimate Roofing Replacement Guide: Warning Signs You Need A New Roof

Sometimes your roof can naturally grow old without experiencing any problems. When you use the best roofing materials and regularly maintain them, it can serve you for long without failure.

However, if you delay replacing your roof, especially when old and worn, you expose your home to unpredictable damages. So, to know when it's time for a new roof, here are the warning signs to watch out for. 

A Sagging Roofline 

Usually, even the most solid roof can suffer sagging roofline problems. Check the roofline if your roof is worn and old but doesn't experience noticeable warning signs. A sagging roofline indicates your roof suffers from insufficient bracing and undersized rafters.  

These features lead to sagging because your roof cannot hold the extra weight. The problem can also result from layers of shingles leaning on one side mainly because of the excess weight of undersized rafters. For a strong roof, your roofline should be straight. If you notice curving and dipping, your roof is slightly sagging, and that's a sign you need a new one. 

Exposed Nails and Shingle Cracks

Exposed nails will rust and lead to a leaky roof. When nails push through shingles, it means you have broken shingles. The more nails pop through, the leakier your roof becomes. Exposed nails can also result from the nails getting through shingle seams and sometimes because of improper nailing angles. Therefore, while you can repair a roof with exposed nails, you'll leave behind leaks that could damage your home. As a result, to prevent more expenses, replace your roof.

Significant Storm Damages

Storm damages call for a roof replacement regardless of its materials. Heavy rain, ice, hail, and hurricanes damage your roof and the house's foundation. Once storms damage your roof, repairing it won't reduce the weight, it's exposing to the house foundation unless you replace a new one weighing less than the old roof. To reduce the weight of your roof to your house, use lightweight shingles.

Metal roofing is the most lightweight option to embrace. In addition to being lightweight, metal roofing is also environmentally friendly. Some best metal roofing options you'll like include zinc, steel, aluminum, and copper. However, if you want the most lightweight consideration, go for aluminum.

Presence of Moss and Dark Streaks

While moss and dark streaks usually affect your roof's aesthetics, you'll want a replacement when you plan to sell your home. Dark spots and moss can quickly turn off potential home buyers. 

If you're not selling your house, moss can also accumulate excess moisture within shingles. Excess moisture easily damages your shingle grains, making them unstable to withstand the extreme effects of conditions like heavy rains and hurricanes. Therefore, a new roof will be your best option in this case.

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