Signs It Is Time To Upgrade Your Home's Siding

Your home's siding both protects your home from the elements and provides your home with an aesthetic flair that can greatly impact the value of your property. However, how do you know when or whether you should invest in new siding? Here are a few clear signs that it is time to upgrade your home's siding.

Presence of Dry Rot 

If you have wood siding, you can experience dry rot in the siding itself. Dry rot occurs when the wood becomes damp and begins to rot and break apart. Whether you have vinyl siding, aluminum siding, or wood siding, you can still get dry rot in the wooden sub-wall below the siding.

One potential sign of dry rot is the presence of mold or mildew on your siding. If you have leaking gutters, you could also have dry rot. Dry rot under the siding is found by removing a portion of the siding and checking the sub-wall beneath.

If there is dry rot in the sub-wall, your sub-wall and the siding will need to be replaced and the source of the dry rot needs to be found to ensure that the dry rot does not return. If you have wood siding and the dry rot is localized, you can replace the wood siding piece and the sub-wall beneath before the dry rot spreads.

Increased Heating and Energy Bills

Your home's siding is the first line of defense against the summer's heat and the winter's cold. If your home's heating and cooling bills are getting higher, the issue could be your siding. Examine your siding for any noticeable cracks or damage. Inside your home, check for any drafts around the windows and around electrical switches, where there could be gaps.

Upgrading your siding and the insulation can help you save a great amount of money on your energy bills.

You Are Selling Your Home  

Finally, if your siding is older or of inferior quality and you are considering selling your home, investing in new siding is a great option. The siding you choose is dependent upon your budget, where you live, and the recommendations of your siding company. For example, for many homeowners, vinyl siding is the best option because it is durable, works in many climates, and is attractive to potential home buyers.

From the presence of dry rot to increasing energy bills and the opportunity to sell your home, there are several moments in time when you should consider upgrading your home's siding.

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