3 Reasons To Choose Standing Seam Metal Roofing For Warehouses

A warehouse that can't properly shelter the goods stored inside it is barely a warehouse at all, and choosing the right type of roofing for a newly constructed warehouse is always vitally important. Composite roofing and thermoplastic roofing membranes definitely have their merits, but for many warehouses, metal roofing is the best option.

A specific type of metal roofing known as standing seam metal roofing is widely used in warehouse construction and has a number of advantages over other roofing options, as well as other types of metal roofing. Here are three reasons why standing seam metal roofing may be the perfect roofing choice for a new warehouse:

Reliably Weatherproof

Roof leaks can wreak havoc in any warehouse, especially in warehouses used to store fragile, expensive, or chemically volatile goods and materials. The roofing of any warehouse must be as watertight as possible, and standing seam metal roofing is one of the most leak-resistant commercial roofing options available.

Standing seam metal roofing is so watertight because of the unique way it is constructed, which gives the roofing type its name. The edges of individual standing seam panels are raised vertically and shaped so that they connect to adjacent panels without any visible seams or gaps. With no gaps or seams on the roof's upper surface, water will drain off the roof and away from the building without leaking through the roof itself.

The seamless upper surface of a standing seam metal roof is also very aerodynamic, and can consequently resist very high winds without suffering damage or deformation. When combined with a basic waterproof underlayment, standing seam metal roofing can be relied upon to protect stored goods from whatever the weather can throw at them.

Durable And Long Lasting

Standing seam metal roofing is built to last and can withstand decades of constant use and exposure to the elements. It also has relatively low maintenance requirements, so you won't have to empty and shut down the warehouse for extended periods while roof repairs are carried out.

Like all types of metal roofing, standing seam metal roofing is particularly resistant to impact damage caused by falling roof shingles, tree branches, and other heavy objects. It has much higher impact resistance than roofing membranes and other commonly used commercial roofing materials. This makes it an ideal choice for warehouses located in areas vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, and single-story warehouses overlooked by taller buildings.

Rapid Assembly

Time is always of the essence when it comes to commercial construction projects, and the faster a new warehouse is constructed, the faster it can be put to use. Standing seam metal roofing can be assembled and fitted very quickly, minimizing expensive downtime and labor costs.

If you need a roof fitted to your warehouse as soon as possible, snap-lock standing seam roofing can be especially useful. These specialized roofing panels can be joined together without fasteners, allowing large sections of the roof to be completely covered in a matter of hours. 

To learn more information about standing seam metal roofing, reach out to roofers near you.

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