Commercial Roofing Issues Following Snow Storms

Snowstorms are an act of nature that can happen in a variety of locations around the country. In fact, there is an uptick in snowstorms happening in places that do not usually receive them. If your commercial building is located in one of the areas that are not often hit by these storms, you may not be prepared for what is to come. This means your business can experience damages from those snowstorms that you may not be prepared for. Here are some of those issues and what you should know about each one. 

Flashing Damage

Flashing is the material used around ventilation systems, skylights, and other roofing accessories. The flashing can easily become damaged due to high winds. However, it can also become damaged when snow and ice accumulate around the flashing. This accumulation can lead to ice. This means any water or melting snow that accumulates around the flashing will turn to ice and expand. As it melts, the water will settle into the flashing causing mold, mildew, and more loosening. Your contractor can check the flashing, suggest upgrades, and determine if the flashing is in danger of becoming damaged. 

Gutter Damage

If your commercial building has guttering, then it can easily become damaged during a snow storm. The first issue it will face is with the wind. The wind can beat and batter the guttering causing it to loosen or pull. If snow and ice begin to form inside of the guttering, it will weigh down the metal and pull on the roofing anchors. This can cause severe damage to the roof. It can also, in severe cases, reach the insulation. If it reaches the insulation, you will need to have it replaced as soon as possible. Your contractor can determine what changes to the guttering can be made including material or design upgrades. 

Hail Damage

Hail is something that may or may not be part of your snowstorm. The issue with hail is how large it can become and how hard it can fall to the roof. Hail can cause severe dents and damage to the roof that will eventually lead to standing water. Even water in a very small space can cause rusting if left for too long. If you have recently had a hail storm, having a contractor look at the roof for damage is highly suggested. 

These are just a few of the issues your commercial roofing may experience following snowstorms. If you want to better prepare your roofing for these issues, reach out to a company such as Greenstreet Contracting & Restoration.

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