A Procedure To Help Find Out Whether You Need A New Roof Over Your House Or Not

Very few people think about the roof over their head until they have a leak or other damage indicators. However, as a homeowner, it would be best to watch your roofing and record the subtle signs of damage. Sometimes, the damage is minimal, and you can fix it through repairs. In other cases, the best way to handle the roof problem is to replace it entirely. Here is a procedure to follow to help you know it is time for the replacement. 

Start Inside the Home

You should always start your roof inspection process inside the home because the home's interior is the best reflection of the roof's condition. Get into the attic with a flashlight or other source of light and inspect it. Watch out for water streaks, mustiness, stains on the walls, rot, and mold damage. It is time to call the repair experts if you notice any signs of trouble. Any damage that has reached the attic means that all the roofing layers have been affected and damaged and should be replaced. 

Look Into the Paper Trail

The second step in your process should be looking at the home's maintenance record since you moved in. One of the records that will help you determine whether it is time to handle the repairs is the roof inspection record. You can access all the improvement records, including the improvements made before buying the home. They will let you know when the house got re-shingled and when it underwent other repairs. And with that, you will be able to determine the right time for reroofing.

Move to the Outdoors

After checking the interior and the maintenance records, consider checking the rooftop. Assess the condition and age of the shingles. If they have aged and lost their granular surface, it is time to call the contractor for replacement. Other indicators that the damage might be beyond simple repairs include large patches of curled and cracked shingles, rust in the flashing, and damaged vent boots. It is also advisable to check the state of the gutters as they can also help you figure out the problem with the roof. 

Check the Stature of the Roof

You should also check to see whether the roof is sagging. A drooping or sagging roof indicates that the framing has weakened and can collapse at any time. You should treat a sagging roof as a replacement emergency.

Call a competent roofing contractor as soon as you notice these issues on your roof. With their help, you will get a robust and durable cover over your home for decades. 

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